Our Work


We recognize outstanding first time college students with $3000 scholarships each year.

Classes and Employment

We help you learn English, computer skills, get your GED, and find a job.

Business Development

We help you launch your business with classes, one-on-one technical assistance, and loans.

About Us

The Latino Economic Development Center is a statewide membership-based nonprofit organization whose headquarters are located in Minneapolis. An ethnic/membership-based Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), it is certified by the US Department of Treasury and by the MN State Council of OICs and OIC America as an Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC).

OUR VISION"A thriving multicultural community, enriched with Latino leadership, culture, and economic influence."

OUR MISSION"To transform our community by creating economic opportunity for Latinos."


  • Promote just, sustainable, and ethical business practices; healthy work environments, social responsibility, and economic justice.

  • Develop Latino talent, leadership, civic engagement, and political influence.

  • Affirm, reflect the strengths of Latino culture, and language.

  • Nurture free enterprise, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our community.

  • Listen to, and act in the best interests of our membership; contribute our wisdom and experience for the well-being of all members.



  • To establish, stabilize, and expand businesses through orientations, classes, development consulting, technical assistance, and access to capital for new, and existing entrepreneurs.

  • To revitalize or develop community "public markets" and commercial corridors in the Twin Cities and rural Minnesota that allow for Latino businesses to fully participate in the business community.

  • To create a process, and structure with which the Latino business community may access other institutions (such as banks, foundations, and elected officials).

  • To create a membership base that actively shapes the agenda of LEDC.




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