Business Development

Start Your Business – Metro Area

To begin the process of starting your business, please attend one of our Business Orientation Sessions. The session is free, and will help you to learn about the basic business programs offered at LEDC. In this class, participants learn about the different requirements of starting up a business in Minnesota and the specific services that LEDC offers to its members. After orientation, the participant is able to benefit from a one-on-one consultation with LEDC staff to determine if their business idea could be successful.

Date and Time

*Minneapolis office: 3rd Thursday of each month,
3:00pm – 5:00pm

*Saint Paul office: 3rd Tuesday of each month,
3:00pm – 5:00 pm

Contact LEDC at 612-724-5332 or to learn more and to register for an Orientation.


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Our Process

We work one on one with each of our customers so we can understand and provide answers to the various needs of each specific business. Our business consultants work face to face to guide our clients through the process of obtaining the licenses and permits needed to start a business in a legal manner within the State of Minnesota. In addition, they receive advice about how to implement a basic bookkeeping system, a marketing plan, and business registration.

Business Start Up Classes

LEDC offers the following classes for individuals starting their own business:

  • Micro-Entrepreneur Training

This training course consists of 8 classroom sessions and 12 individual sessions. Through lectures and one-on-one technical assistance, the individual will not only get essential feedback and advice, but they will be able to put their ideas into action. Most importantly, this course will guide the participant through the process of creating a thorough and reliable business plan, which will enable them to embark on the journey of opening up their new business! A great first step


Our loan officers will advise and help the individual to prepare a loan package to obtain business financing and start up loans. Also, you can learn and practice bookkeeping for your business using programs such as Excel, QuickBooks, and others. If you are interested in learning more about our Financial Assistance and Training services, please visit our Loans page or contact the Program Director, Rocio Bustillos at