Volunteer & Internships

LEDC has many volunteer opportunities for bilingual professionals. We are also able to host academic internships for students in the Twin Cities metro area. The level of skills required at this level is also varied and depends on the specific projects. To sign up for one of these volunteer opportunities, you can contact the coordinator who is listed beneath the role, or fill out this form.

Short Term/One Time Volunteer Opportunities

Latino Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament

This annual fundraiser usually takes place on a Monday in June or July between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Volunteer recruitment begins in May. Email lsfgolf@ledc-mn.org in order to volunteer. If you would like to volunteer to help coordinate this and other fundraising efforts for the Latino Scholarship Fund, see the “Latino Scholarship Advisory Committee” volunteer description below.

Taco Tour Volunteer

This event is usually towards the end of July. Volunteers check in guests, hand out maps, give directions, direct people to shuttles, act cheerful and welcoming, and enjoy free tacos! Volunteer recruitment begins in June.



Latino Scholarship Fund Selection Committee

This committee reads all of the LSF scholarship applications each April and determines the winners. Members of this committee should have a connection to the Latino community and higher education, and must be available on the afternoon of April 16, 2018 for the committee meeting. Each committee member can expect to read between 20 to 40 applications over a ten day period. Interested volunteers will be approved by the Latino Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee by February 2018.

Ongoing Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

We are also actively seeking Opportunity Corps members for 2017-2018! You can be involved in many of the activities listed below while earning a stipend, education award, health insurance, and GCDF career counseling training. Click here for more information on how to serve through Opportunity Corps at LEDC.

Latino Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee

Recruiting begins in June and ends in October. We are currently seeking Latinx professionals with a background in education or previous involvement with the Latino Scholarship Fund for this committee. This is a one year commitment to set scholarship criteria, make changes to application forms, and recruit applicants. Raise funds for the scholarships and help organize events. Recruit and choose the selection committee members who in turn choose the scholarship winners.

Meeting Schedule: Committee must be able to meet the second Wednesday of every even month at  LEDC’s Minneapolis office from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (six meetings in total).  Click here if you are interested in volunteering, and answer the question that starts, “If you want to volunteer for the scholarship fund committees….”

Pre-GED Spanish Language Arts and Math Teachers (Native Speakers)

This class meets on Mondays for language arts and Wednesday for math from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. in Minneapolis. In Saint Paul, class is Monday and Thursday with math on Mondays and language arts on Thursdays from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Pre-GED is a class for students who are not yet prepared for the GED class. We are looking for a native Spanish-speaker to teach language arts and a fluent Spanish-speaker to teach math, once a week for either subject for 12 week periods. Curriculum, the bulk of lesson plans, books, and materials are provided by LEDC.

  • Teach the equivalent of 4th through 6th grade math in Spanish.
  • Help students log in to Khan Academy, Typing.com, and create accounts.
  • Teach critical thinking, reading comprehension, how to summarize a text, and Spanish grammar and punctuation.
  • Grade student writing in Spanish.

Teacher Assistant Spanish-Language GED Program

This class meets in St. Paul at night from 6-8pm, Monday through Thursday. In Minneapolis, class meets Tuesday through Thursday from 6-9pm. Some of these tasks can be done outside of class hours. The current needs are in bold.

  • Grade essays or short answer questions in Spanish according to provided criteria.
  • Grade multiple choice homework.
  • Copy, choose, and distribute worksheets.
  • Grade TABE assessments and paper practice tests.
  • Create class flashcards or essay source materials as requested by teacher.
  • Help keep classroom clean and computer desktops organized.
  • Help students log in to Khan Academy, Typing.com and create email accounts.
  • Tutor students one-on-one if they have missed classes.
  • Help cover the front desk and provide a friendly welcoming presence to late arriving students.
  • Help contact students who miss class and record why they have missed class in our database.
  • Help job counselor research college and career options per student request.

Tutor (Computer skills or GED):

This depends on the tutor and student’s individual schedules and LEDC’s meeting rooms’ availability. The subjects we need tutors for are math, science, social studies, reading comprehension, writing, and computer skills. All of our classes are taught in Spanish.

  • The tutor would meet with one or two students regularly (likely late starters or students who have missed class often).
  • Tutors for computer skills would teach typing, MS Word, email, and how to answer the computerized GED test questions.
  • Tutors for GED would do practice subject tests with students and go over the student’s answers one-on-one.

Outreach Intern

This would be at some time between the hours of 9am-8pm, Monday through Friday in our Minneapolis office. The volunteer sets their own hours.

  • Help update our website and create new webpages.
  • Help manage social media marketing campaigns (events, posts, videos, images).
  • Use Constant Contact to keep in touch with LEDC’s supporters.
  • Help design, print and distribute fliers to partners.


To apply for an internship and/or volunteer opportunities:

Please send your resume and a short explanation of why you’d like to volunteer to Zoila Guachichulca at zoila@ledc-mn.org or fill out the volunteer interest form. Call 651-395-4030 if you have questions about an internship or volunteer position.