As an LEDC member, you will contribute to the economic development of the Latino community of Minnesota. Your new business can create new employment within the community. Your membership in LEDC will also help the creation of new market communities and Hispanic business associations. With your support, LEDC can promote changes in law that are more just, promote the development of our community, and remove barriers in order to have access to business opportunities and strengthen existing businesses.

We offer to first time LEDC Members 10 hours of assistance without additional cost during the establishment of a new business or during the expansion of an existing business.

Examples of the assistance we offer include:

  • Leasing contracts negotiation
  • Business purchase or rent negotiation
  • Business registration with the Secretary of State
  • Accounting systems establishment
  • Assistance regarding state permits and licenses
  • Assistance during diagram elaboration (if required)
  • Assistance with loan packages
  • Internet investigation of providers and distributors
  • Assistance with a business plan
  • Assistance with cash flow projections
  • Assistance with marketing
  • Analysis of financial situations
  • Establishing a partnership
  • Partnership's dissolution of companies

We also offer a discount for each additional hour of assistance, once you receive your 10 hours of assistance. The cost would be $20/hour (for first time members) or $40/hour (for non-members)

There is also a possibility of obtaining pro-bono legal assistance for:

  • Analysis of leasing contract
  • Corporation establishment
  • Corporation breakup or amends
  • Purchase agreements

You will be able to participate in courses and workshops about business administration, without cost or at a discount.

You could be nominated for a variety of recognition awards.

Finally, you will be included in our professional reference list, where various clients can find information about your business.




Cost: $50, annually

Any individual or group of any ethnic origin interested in supporting the activities of economic development conducted by Latinos in the state of Minnesota.


Cost:$100, annually

Eligibility: Any nonprofit organization serving the Latino community or with interest in serving the Latino community in Minnesota.


Cost:$200, annually

Established businesses, service providers, or other Latino businesses. Solely referrals. Members in this category do not receive additional services by LEDC. Established businesses, service providers to individuals or other Latino businesses.

Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) does not guarantee the quality of service provided by these referrals and the agreements made between members and non-members of the organization. We recommend that multiple references be sought prior to entering into a contract or service agreement with any service provider or business, regardless of LEDC membership.


Cost:$200, one time fee

Eligibility: Any person interested in starting their own business, during the first three years of the business opening phase. Any business in its first three years of operation.


Cost:$300, one time fee

Eligibility: Businesses operating more than three years.