Special Projects

LEDC’s Special Projects department works with developing new programs and activities that LEDC supports. These projects often deal with multiple businesses or systems of businesses, rather than support of individual business development. We also work to integrate systems of businesses or projects into markets.


Real Estate

Our Real Estate Development supports a wide array of project types, in both the Metro and Greater Minnesota regions. Some projects that we’re currently in the process of developing are:

  • East Side Enterprise Center with the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council, a business development organization
  • Financing and renovation of a building in support of a Child care center
  • Development of a Tamales manufacturer
  • Expansion of a grocery wholesaler


Rural and Agriculture

Our Rural and Agricultural projects are focused primarily on connecting growers to markets. We are currently facilitating this goal through:

  • Purchase of a refrigerated warehouse in Saint Paul, for use by Greater Minnesota farmers
  • Purchase of refrigerated vehicles to distribute produce through the Metro area
  • Development of a mobile processing kitchen


Public Markets

LEDC also provides technical assistance to create a business plan and identifying potential sources of financing of public markets. Technical Assistance in developing a business plan and financial feasibility structure will allow your organization to:


  • Build capacity for projects community organizing needs.
  • Write a project business plan.
  • Analyze project feasibility.
  • Identify and engage potential financial tools for the project.
  • Floor plan and Market design.
  • Establish a project budget.